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Appliance Repair Newmarket

Same-Day Appliance Repair Services in Newmarket

Here at Fix Repair, our team of qualified service technicians covers throughout Ontario. Including Aurora (south), Bradford (northwest), East Gwillimbury (north), Schomberg (west), and Uxbridge (east) for any appliance repair. We can fix almost any make or model of common appliance that you present us with, including washing machines, fridge, stoves, and even dishwashers!

No one likes spending money, especially huge amounts. That’s why we keep ours simple with a one-time labor charge that covers the entire repair (not including the parts). Once the repair is completed, we’ll even give you a service guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you have a broken appliance, give us a call today at (647) 229-2228 or request a quote below and we’d love to provide you with our top-notch appliance repair service in Newmarket.

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Our Toronto local appliance repair services.
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Why Choose Fix Repair Newmarket?

Appliance Repair Newmarket: Your Trusted Solution for Home Appliance Issues.

In the picturesque town of Newmarket, home appliances play a vital role in making our daily lives more convenient and enjoyable. From refrigerators storing our fresh produce to washing machines keeping our clothes clean, these appliances have become essential for modern living. However, like any mechanical devices, they are susceptible to wear and tear or unexpected malfunctions. When your valuable appliances encounter issues, it can disrupt your routine and cause inconvenience.

At Appliance Repair Newmarket, we understand the importance of well-functioning household appliances. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing prompt and reliable solutions for all your appliance repair needs. In this article, we will explore the significance of Appliance Repair Newmarket and how our top-notch services ensure that your appliances are back in optimal working condition, allowing you to resume your daily activities with ease.

Our Comprehensive Appliance Repair Services:

At Appliance Repair Newmarket, we offer a comprehensive range of services for all major household appliances. Whether it’s a refrigerator not cooling, a dishwasher not draining, or a dryer not heating, our skilled technicians have the expertise to diagnose and fix these issues accurately. We take pride in providing efficient and effective repair solutions, ensuring that your appliances are restored to their full functionality.

  1. Appliance Repair Newmarket: Our primary keyword emphasizes our core service, making it easier for Newmarket residents to find us when searching for appliance repair solutions in their area.
  2. Newmarket Appliance Repair: local residents seeking appliance repair services within Newmarket, ensuring that they can quickly locate our expert technicians.
  3. Newmarket Appliance Service: , we highlight our commitment to providing top-notch appliance repair services to the Newmarket community.
  4. Fridge Repair Newmarket: For homeowners facing refrigerator issues, fridge repair services. Common issues we fix include fridge not cooling properly and fridge making strange noises.
  5. Washer Repair Newmarket: When washing machines malfunction, our washer repair services are just a keyword away from providing a solution. Common issues we fix include washer not draining and washer shaking or vibrating.
  6. Dryer Repair Newmarket: our reliable dryer repair solutions. Common issues we fix include dryer not heating and dryer overheating.
  7. Dishwasher Repair Newmarket: For those experiencing dishwasher malfunctions,  our expert dishwasher repair services. Common issues we fix include dishwasher not cleaning dishes properly and dishwasher leaking water.
  8. Oven Repair Newmarket: When ovens fail to heat or cook unevenly, homeowners can rely on us to address the problem using this targeted keyword. Common issues we fix include oven not heating properly and oven door not closing properly.
  9. Stove Repair Newmarket: Whether it’s a gas or electric stove, our stove repair services cater to all stove-related issues in Newmarket. Common issues we fix include stove burners not lighting and stove temperature control problems.
  10. Newmarket Appliance Technician:

Why Choose Appliance Repair Newmarket:

  1. Prompt and Reliable Service: At Appliance Repair Newmarket, we understand the urgency of appliance repairs. Our team responds promptly to service requests, ensuring that your appliances are back in working condition as quickly as possible.
  2. Experienced and Certified Technicians: Our skilled technicians undergo specialized training and possess certifications to handle various appliance repairs with precision and expertise.
  3. Affordable Solutions: We provide cost-effective repair options, saving you money compared to replacing your appliances.
  4. Genuine Parts: We use genuine manufacturer-approved parts for replacements, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your repaired appliances.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with our quality services and friendly approach.

Appliance Repair Newmarket is your trusted solution for all your home appliance repair needs in the Newmarket area. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient services, ensuring that your appliances operate smoothly and efficiently. When your appliances encounter issues, count on Appliance Repair Newmarket to restore the convenience and comfort of your home with our expert repair solutions.

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Expert Same-Day Appliance Repairs in Newmarket

Whenever you schedule a same-day appliance repair with a Fix Repair professional, you’re getting a premium service from a company who have years of experience fixing appliances.

  1. We have friendly agents to try and get an in-depth understanding of your appliance’s issue
  2. Our In-house service repairmen will then investigate the details of the issue to pre-diagnose potential symptoms and provide the assigned fixer with any parts he may need that we have in stock (this significantly increases the chances of fixing your appliance on the first visit)
  3. Service repairmen will attend to fully diagnose the appliance
  4. Service repairmen will proceed to repair your appliance (we’ll need your authorization on additional parts if needed)
  5. We offer risk-free and insured service.
(647) 229-2228
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Our Same-day appliance repair services in Newmarket

Fix Repair provides reliable appliance repair services in Newmarket for over 10 years, the same day you call even on holidays. Our technicians take an enormous amount of pride in their work which can be seen in our customer reviews on Google Reviews and Homestars.

No matter what situation you find yourself in with a malfunctioning appliance, we will fix it or you don’t pay. Your satisfaction and your appliances are our goals from the moment you contact our office until the moment we leave your location.

Our appliance repair professionals stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are further backed by continuous extensive training in all aspects of appliance repair.

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We are experienced appliance repair technicians that have been fixing Newmarket’s broken appliance since 2001. We service most brands with same-day service available.

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Services We Offer in Newmarket


A dishwasher is a thing of luxury. After all, you can wash the dishes manually by hand. However, a dishwasher is a necessity — if you can afford it. If your dishwasher stops working the way it should, you need to fix your dishwasher in Newmarket ASAP. Call our experienced technicians to repair your dishwasher today!

We can repair major problems such as:

  • Dishes don’t get clean
  • Dishwasher won’t start
  • Dishwasher won’t fill up
  • Dishwasher keeps filling up
  • Water doesn’t drain
  • Leaks from Dishwasher
  • The door doesn’t latch close
  • Makes too much noise
  • And more

Don’t spend hard-earned money on a new dishwasher. Our expert technicians can help! Call one of our representatives now for dishwasher repair in Newmarket!

white tunnel inside of a washing machine


There are numerous common oven repair problems you may experience. It’s tempting to solve them yourself, but for safety and assurance, you should consider consulting a professional appliance repair service.

Here’s a list of common oven repair problems we can help you with:

  • Does not heat up
  • Does not heat to the correct temperature
  • The oven doesn’t cook food evenly
  • The lightbulb is not working
  • The door won’t shut close
  • Fallen rack
  • Food comes out raw
  • Food comes out burnt
  • And more

To make sure your appliance is working properly, you can have your oven serviced by a licensed technician, who is capable of diagnosing and solving common oven problems. Call one of our professional repairmen in Newmarket! With over 10 years of experience, we can help you fix your oven or stove.

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Before anything else, always put safety first and disconnect it from the power source before troubleshooting or attempting any repair. We do suggest to reach out to our dryer repair experts in Newmarket. If you need to purchase new parts, make sure to know the manufacturer and model number of your dryer so our repairman can fix your appliance sooner.

We can fix any dryer problems such as:

  • The dryer won’t turn on
  • Too noisy
  • Clothes come out wrinkly
  • Doesn’t tumble
  • Doesn’t heat
  • Takes a long time for clothes to dry
  • Too hot
  • And more

Don’t waste your money on a new dryer. Our skilled techs can help with reliable appliance repair in Newmarket. For dryer repair, call to book an appointment today!

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Is your washing machine broken? Do you have too many dirty clothes piling up because you need your washing machine repaired? Call our experienced technicians to repair your washer today!

We can help with issues like:

  • It bounces around
  • Makes too much noise
  • Clothes are getting ripped
  • Slow drainage system
  • Washing machine won’t spin
  • Not filling with water
  • The door won’t open
  • Smelly washing machine
  • Not turning on
  • Won’t drain
  • And more

Washing machines are an important modern necessity, they might not be fabulous they are remarkably useful. In fact, you probably won’t notice just how useful your washing machine is till suddenly stops working. We can help. Call now for washing machine repair in Newmarket. With over a decade of experience, you can trust our repairmen to solve your problem!

An example of our dishwasher repair services in the Toronto area.


Your refrigerator is not indestructible. It can suffer from daily wear-and-tear just like your other home appliances. Some problems are more serious than others and need the help of an experienced technician.

Our repairmen can solve problems like:

  • Water leaking on the floor
  • Clogged or frozen water supply
  • The freezer isn’t cold enough
  • Unit cycling too often
  • The compartment is warming up
  • Blocked defrost drain
  • Damper door is broken
  • Defective inlet valve
  • The thermostat isn’t working correctly
  • Water dispenser not working
  • And more

If you encounter any of these problems and are unable to fix them, call any of our repair technicians for assistance. We can fix popular brands of refrigerators and do same-day repairs in Newmarket.



My fridge stop cooling, I called Fixrepair Appliance repair at 8 am, the repair man came after a hour and fixed my fridge in 30 minutes.

Dani S.

Amazing, reliable service -🤗 Alex Was very honest, an fast ; I would definitely recommend his services during this time if you have any appliances that need fixing!

Kass C.

I would recommend Fix Repair to everyone who is experiencing issues with their appliances. I had an issue with my dishwasher and the technicians fixed it within 1 hour.

Dan B.