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Appliance Repair Scarborough

Appliance Repair Scarborough

Fix Repair offers reliable and professional appliance repair across the Scarborough area. Our team of experts arrives prepared to begin work. We offer years of knowledge and experience in all areas of appliance repair including:

  • Fridge repair
  • Microwave repair
  • Dishwasher repairs
  • Washing machine repair
  • Dryer repair
  • Stove repair
  • Oven repair

We service all makes and models so you can feel confident you are working with a repair company that understands the latest appliance technology.

When you type appliance repair near me into a search engine, you’ll see Fix Repair to be at the top of the list. That’s because our clients trust our repair technicians to provide fast and friendly repair services at a price that fits your budget. We offer a detailed and complete quote so you know exactly what work is required before we begin. We provide you with a written estimate including labour and cost of materials so you receive the best repair solution for your appliance. We also offer maintenance tips to help avoid any problems in the future.

When Scarborough homeowners find themselves in need of repair services, Fix Repair should be the first company you call. We believe in making the appliance repair and service experience a positive and friendly one. We help our customers, with pressure-free advice from licensed and trained appliance repair technicians who never push unnecessary services.

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Same-Day Appliance Repair Scarborough

We understand how important it is for your appliances to be working when you need them. That’s why we offer same-day appliance repair and consultation so you can get to the root of any mechanical failures and get them fixed right away. Our technicians are available 24/7 including holidays and weekends so you never have to wait around for repairs. We offer a $25 discount for same-day repair services. So if your dryer is not heating up or your fridge is leaking water, you can relax knowing that Fix Repair will be there to get your appliances in working order again. 

Why do Scarborough residents prefer to work with Fix Repair? 

  • Our friendly and helpful staff ensures that our technicians have all the information to arrive prepared to make repairs. 
  • A full diagnostic service so we can identify any current problems and prevent future ones. 
  • Technicians who are experienced and ready to start work right away. 
  • Our commitment to honesty. We let you know what your repairs and replacement parts are going to cost before we do any work so you get the right solution for your budget. 
  • A complete warranty on all our work.
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Appliance Repair Services in Scarborough

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your refrigerator, dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, or other, you should rely on appliance repair professionals to ensure that the right problem is diagnosed and a reliable solution is implemented. The only thing worse than appliance issues is repeating appliance issues, which is why you should seek professional, experienced support from the get-go. Fix Repair has been servicing clients throughout Scarborough for several years, and we have built a reputation for being reliable, professional, and for providing an industry-leading quality of service.

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Professional Scarborough Appliance Repair

Appliance repair services should not be taken lightly, which is why you should only put your trust in a professional, qualified team with years of experience. Regardless of the specific appliance, you’re experiencing issues with, the Fix Repair team has the industry knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that the job gets done correctly.

Your satisfaction is our number one focus, which is why we don’t compromise on quality at any stage of the support or repair process. In addition to quality, we’re also focused on affordability.

Our team used industry-leading repair approach methods and leveraged long-standing supplier relationships, to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality of service and material at a competitive price.

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Oven Appliance Repairs

Is your oven on the fritz? Is your food coming out half-cooked even though your thermometer shows the right temperature? Chances are your coils are busted, but before you panic, give Fix Repair a call. We offer rapid repair services that will save your dinner and get you back in the kitchen in no time.

There is nothing worse than inviting guests over for a party or planning a special dinner only to find you can’t cook anything. The moment you notice your stove is malfunctioning, give the experts here at Fix Repair a call.

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We Don't Fix, You Don't Pay

We have a dedicated team of experienced appliance repair technicians to take care of nearly every possible problem you have with one of your home appliances. There is no point to pay someone to fix an appliance and have it broken again which is why Fix Repair always backs up the repair with a limited warranty. Our technicians will always give you tips on how to keep your appliance in good shape.

Whether your stove, washer, dishwasher, or fridge needs some maintenance, Fix Repair can help by offering same-day services any day of the year. You will also be trained on how to maintain your appliance in the future without calling and spending money on any technician.

Emergency 24/7 repair services available

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Why Choose Us

Time is of the essence when your home appliance stops working. But you don’t want just any service technician working on your machine. You want someone with experience who can identify the problem quickly and professionally. Fix Repair offers superior service backed by a full warranty on all services and parts. After the work is done, we provide you with helpful suggestions on how to maintain your appliance so you can avoid having to call a technician in the future. We believe in providing our clients with full-service solutions from diagnostics, repair, and prevention. We think of our clients as part of the family and we want to help you avoid repairs in the future. 

Contact Fix Repair at 647-229-2228 or request a quote to connect with the number one appliance repair technicians in Scarborough.

Appliance Repair Professionals


My fridge stop cooling, I called Fixrepair Appliance services at 8 am, the repair man came after a hour and fixed my fridge in 30 minutes.

Dani S.

Amazing, reliable service -🤗 Alex Was very honest, an fast ; I would definitely recommend his services during this time if you have any appliances that need fixing!

Kass C.

I would recommend Fix Repair to everyone who is experiencing issues with their appliances. I had an issue with my dishwasher and the technicians fixed it within 1 hour.

Dan B.