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It is quite normal for house appliances to break down every once in a while. Sometimes the damage is usually too much to fix or too expensive to appoint where buying a new one is cheaper. However, more often than not, the damage isn’t significant and can be fixed by a professional. If you’re looking for such professionals to help with appliance repair in Scarborough, Fix Repair has got you covered. We are a well-established appliance repair company operating out of Etobicoke but serve the GTA as well as the surrounding locale. Here’s why you should come to us for all your fixing needs.



Having been in operation for over fifteen years, we have been able to rack up a significant amount of experience under our belts. This will always be beneficial to you because the experience helps us work on your appliance even better. With experience, you learn the behavior of different brands and what is required to fix a particular problem on a certain appliance. Having done hundreds of appliance repairs in Scarborough, we’ve seen it all, so no job would be too big for us to take care of.


Excellent Record

At Fix Repair, we boast an impeccable record of customer satisfaction. All our reviews are positive, and not even one of our past clients has a bad word to say about our services. This speaks volumes about the quality of our services and shows exactly why you should hire us. With such a record, there’s the pressure to keep performing and providing quality services because we have a reputation to maintain. As a client, this falls to your advantage because you are assured that we will do our best with the appliance repairs in Scarborough.


Affordable Prices

We understand that no one wants to spend a fortune fixing a washing machine. Some repair costs tend to be so high that one would rather buy a new one instead of getting it fixed. This shouldn’t be the case, and we are here to fix that. At Fix Repair, you can count on us for repair jobs at pocket-friendly prices. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of service. We will give you the best of both worlds, something that not many repair companies are able to do.


Warranty on Repairs

All services rendered to clients as well as parts installed by Fix Repair have a warranty. This means that in case they turn out to be defective, you can always call us to come and have a look at no extra cost. As the client, you have nothing to lose by going for services with a warranty because it’s a win for you either way. In addition, it gives you peace of mind that your appliance repairs in Scarborough are top quality because otherwise, why would we put our reputation on the line like that.


There is no doubt that Fix Repair is one of the best repair companies out there as seen above. In case of any queries, feel free to call us.

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