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The usual fridge problems

The appliance technology has evolved greatly throughout the years. While technology advances, appliances do not last endlessly, and they may experience some minor or major faults throughout the years. Fridges are the most common every-day appliance, which brings about some problems. Listed here are some of the usual problems that fridges experience:

Strange or loud noises

Refrigerators are never entirely silent. Once purchased new, they are still bound on making some minor noises. Fan problems and ice build-up cause a loud noise which may sound a bit loud and strange. It is crucial to check up on the fridge before the noise becomes louder and some damages could occur and if a fridge repair is needed, don’t hesitate to call a technician.

Not cooling

The fridge’s main purpose is to keep the food cool and fresh. When the cooling is disrupted, it is usually to blame the thermostat, motor, or any other related parts. Blockage could also cause the fridge to stop cooling. It is important to check the temperature dial and set the temperature to the appropriate temperature if needed.

Fridge freezing food

A thermostat problem or stuck damper could cause excessive chilling and the food in the fridge may freeze completely. After measuring the temperature of the fridge, make sure that the food is not placed at the very end of the fridge, because direct contact can often freeze the food completely.

Fridge leaking water

Water leaking from the fridge is one of the worst problems that a fridge can intake because it could lead to further problems, other than the fridge. Blockages in the drainage system and worn valves could cause leaks. Also, make sure that the fridge doors are properly closed as it could lead to building up and excessive leaking.

Excessive cycling

Built up debris on the condenser coils could cause excessive cycling. The thermostat could cause further issues, so is it important to check the fridge’s temperature and diagnose it in a proper manner.

Refrigerator problems must be taken care of sooner than later, because the longer you wait, the greater the damage will be.  A professional technician need to diagnose the issue properly and take care of the repairs so the damage will not worsen.

Troubleshooting fridge problems

Most appliance repairs should be done by a professional, but you can take some simple steps that may solve the issue. Here are some examples on how you can troubleshoot common issues:

Check the doors:

Checking the fridge doors is a crucial step when the cooling is not well. Make sure the doors are properly shut, sometimes there is a blockage in the fridge that prevents them from closing. When doors are not shut down properly, the fridge is working harder and this will create problems to the fridge and generate high electricity bills.

Clean the ice buildup:

Ice buildup could cause some issues to your fridge. You could try defrosting the fridge and cleaning those icy hills for proper ice withdraw.

Unblock the defrost drain:

Leakage is caused usually by blocked defrost drains. Food remains and other crumbs can get stuck in it, so flushing the residue inside-out should help.

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