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Washer Repair

Fix Repair: We are the go to washer repair company Toronto has come to depend on over the last 10 years. Why? It's because we offer dependable same-day washer repair services. We show up on time. We warranty our work. And we offer great promotions.

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Washer Repair Services

Did your washer decide to stop working? How are you going to do the laundry? When the machine packs up, it’s an inconvenience, and most of us start thinking about the hundreds of dollars we’re going to have to spend on a new model.
Before you head over to Amazon and start shopping for a new washer, relax, give us a call. Chances are we can get your machine back up and running like it’s brand new. Our team of talented technicians has the skills and experience you need to save you money on your washer repair.

We work with all makes and models of washers, including the following.

  • Front-loading
  • Top-loading
  • Portable
  • Washer and dryer combo machines

Contact our call center if you are dealing with washer issues. Our friendly consultant will take a brief description of the problem and dispatch a mobile service technician to your residence. Our technicians will identify the malfunction in minutes, offering you an affordable quote for a speedy repair. Need other repairs as well? We also provide dryer repairs in Toronto and are able to fix your fridge when it breaks down.

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Types of Washer We Repair

Same Day Appliance Repair

We provide same day appliance repair services, any day of the year morning or evening. As your local appliance repair company, we can fix any appliance within hours of your call. Our technicians are trained to deal with any issue that might occur. One of our main advantages is having technicians spread out Toronto and the GTA in every city which allows us to get to you faster. Once you call us, we will confirm with you your location and send a technician your way that same day.

Call And Save $25 Off Same-Day Repairs

Call And Receive $25 Off Same-Day Repairs

    What are Some of the Common Problems with Washers?

    We have plenty of experience in dealing with washer malfunctions across the GTA. From our endeavors with our customers, we find three common problems causing washer malfunctions.

    • The machine fails to start
    • The washer is leaking
    • The machine doesn’t cycle efficiently

    In most cases, the washer issues an error code on the screen. If you have your owner’s manual, you can identify the code and troubleshoot the problem. Here are a few tips for dealing with these three common issues before you call us for assistance.

    The washer doesn't turn on

    Unplug the machine, wait for 5-minutes, and then plug it back in. You’ll find it surprising how often this works. If that doesn’t work, check for obstructions in the door. If somethings blocking the door sensor, it can result in an error code.


    The washer is leaking

    Let the current cycle finish and turn off the machine. Check all the hose connections to the appliance, and look for signs of leaking. This fault can occur if you’re overstuffing the machine, resulting in leaks due to the drum’s overcapacity.

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    Repairing a broken washer in Toronto.

    The washer isn't cycling properly

    If the machine stops working before the final rinse cycle, it leaves your clothes smelling damp and musty, even after drying them. This issue might be a problem with the control board. Contact our call center for assistance, and we’ll dispatch a technician to your home. Our team will happily repair your appliance so you can use it again.


    The washer starts displaying error codes

    Check your owner’s manual for troubleshooting error codes. If you can’t find the manual or need assistance with diagnosing the problem, give us a call.

    Contact Us For Dishwasher Repair Service

    We offer quality & reliable appliance repair service at a reasonable price across the GTA

    Washer Repair FAQ

    If your dishwasher stops draining properly, it might be due to a blockage in the hose or pump of the machine. Check the lint box and empathy the contents. Check the tubes connecting to the washer for signs of leaks.

    If the door fails to open at the end of the wash cycle, it might be due to a faulty locking mechanism or sensor. Some washers come with a manual release under the pull lever to open the drum. If you can’t find this release, contact our call center for assistance.

    If there’s a squeaking noise emanating from the washer, it’s likely to be the pump belt. Regular use of the washing machine can place premature wear on the belt, causing this malfunction.
    Contact us; we’ll send a technician to your residence to check on the problem and replace the belt.