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Admiral Same Day Appliance Repair

Does Your Admiral Appliance Need Repair?

At Fix Repair, we can assist you with various repairs including your appliances under the Admiral Brand. We have highly trained repairmen and technicians with modern repair techniques and can handle any job.

We also offer same-day repair services and can work in any location around Canada.

So whenever you need an Admiral appliance repaired, simply get in touch with us for efficient and repairs that last.

Here at Fix Repair, we can fix your:

  • Admiral Dishwashers
  • Admiral Dryers
  • Admiral Fridges
  • Admiral Ovens
  • Admiral Stoves
  • Admiral Washers


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Appliance Repair Professionals

Refrigerators Repair

A broken Admiral refrigerator can be annoying. Don’t worry because our technicians at Fix Repair can solve any problem. Here are just some of the issues that Admiral fridges encounter that we can fix.

  • Broken Ice dispenser
  • Water dispenser not working
  • Lights not working
  • Poor drainage
  • Defrosting issues
  • Fridge not cooling enough
  • Loud noises
Oven Installation - Appliance Repair Service

Stove and Oven Repair

These are some of the common Admiral stove problems we can fix:

  • Burning gas smell
  • Pilot light going off when device is on
  • Weak burner flame
  • Weird noise
dishwasher repair technician

Dishwashers Repair

Don’t fret. We’re just one call away from repairing your Admiral dishwasher. We’re here 24/7 and offer same-day repair service.  Any problems can be diagnosed by our licensed technicians. Here are just some of the issues that we can fix:

  • Faulty digital display
  • Broken timer
  • Low water temperatures
  • Film-coated dishes after washing
  • Poor draining
  • Water doesn’t fill up
Washer Repair

Washer Repair

An admiral washer is one of the most useful products in your household. If it suddenly starts malfunctioning. Imagine how tiring it can be to visit a laundromat or expensive to buy a new one. Of course you don’t have to do those things. Just trust Fix Repair to help you with your washer problems. Our expert technicians are ready 24/7 for diagnosis and repair. Here are just some of the common issues our clients encounter:

  • Leaking  washer
  • Washer not draining correctly
  • Washer not filling up
  • Washer doesn’t turn on
  • Squeaky noise
  • Washer failing to run through cycles
  • Digital display errors
dryer repair services

Dryer Repair

Owning an Admiral dryer is one of the best things you can do for your household. Imagine, after doing the laundry in your washer, you don’t have to go out in the sun to dry them manually. Or indoors and make them smell foul. But what happens if your dryer breaks? They do experience problems once in a while. But our technicians can repair your dryer problems same-day and 24/7.  Here are just a few dryer problems that we can solve:

  • Strange noise
  • Failure to start
  • coming out damp after a drying cycle
  • Failure of dryer to get heated

Reliable Service and Repair at a Reasonable Price

Fix Repair has over 10 years of experience in appliance repairs at an affordable cost. Our skilled and licensed technicians can help repair yo

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We Don't Fix, You Don't Pay

We have a dedicated team of experienced appliance repair technicians to take care of nearly every possible problem you have with one of your home appliances. There is no point to pay someone to fix an appliance and have it broken again which is why Fix Repair always backs up the repair with a limited warranty. Our technicians will always give you tips on how to keep your appliance in good shape.

Whether your stove, washer, dishwasher, or fridge needs some maintenance, Fix Repair can help by offering same-day services any day of the year. You will also be trained on how to maintain your appliance in the future without calling and spending money on any technician.

Emergency 24/7 repair services available

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Call Our Technicians to Fix Your Admiral Appliances Now

We can give you so many reasons to choose Fix Repair for your Admiral Appliance problems. We’re fast, professional, and have complete tools and knowledge to carry out repairs on-site and off. We also have a lot of service locations, meaning our repairmen can get to you wherever you are!

With more than 10 years in the repair industry, you’re sure that all our repairmen get regular training to keep up with the latest industry knowledge. If your Admiral appliance breakdowns, you want a professional to work on its repair right?

For more information about how we can help, give us a call at 647-229-2228 today.

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My fridge stop cooling, I called Fixrepair Appliance repair at 8 am, the repair man came after a hour and fixed my fridge in 30 minutes.

Dani S.

Amazing, reliable service -🤗 Alex Was very honest, an fast ; I would definitely recommend his services during this time if you have any appliances that need fixing!

Kass C.

I would recommend Fix Repair to everyone who is experiencing issues with their appliances. I had an issue with my dishwasher and the technicians fixed it within 1 hour.

Dan B.