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One day your dishwasher is working fine, doing its hardcore duties in the kitchen and you hardly ever worry about it. You load your dishwasher with dirty dishes, and a few minutes later they’re back and sparkling clean. But, when your dishwasher suddenly stops working, it becomes a problem of manually washing and drying your dishes, cookware, glasses, and more. If you’re going to do the dirty work (pun intended), try having your dishwasher repaired first. If not, maybe it’s time to buy a new one. 

Most of the newer dishwashers are models that seamlessly slide under your kitchen’s countertop. However, if you don’t have a spot for a built-in dishwasher maybe you can consider a portable or countertop to complete the same goal? Other popular features to think about include steaming options, quick wash cycles, special dryer modes, or a third rack. Today we’re sharing with you the top brands of dishwashers you can get.

Types of Dishwashers

Countertop – For those that are very tight on space, countertop dishwashers are even more convenient than portable options. They connect directly to your kitchen faucet and use considerably less water than full-size dishwashers. They’re on the smaller side to be an excellent choice for households that produce lots of dirty dishes. We didn’t feature any countertop models during this guide, but I foresee testing them in the future.

Built-In – These are the only common kinds of dishwashers. They’re designed to be installed during a dedicated area under your kitchen counter and are connected to permanent plumbing hookups. They’re typically sandwiched on each side by cabinetry or drawers, which muffle the noise of its operation.

Portable – Unlike built-in models that are permanently installed, portable dishwashers are freestanding units that sit on wheels and might be moved around as you prefer. Since they do not have any dedicated plumbing connections, they typically get their installation by hooking on to your kitchen faucets. The wheels allow you to roll the dishwasher into a closet or hold them after use. Plus, since they are not located underneath a counter, you’ll be able to usually use their top as a kitchen workspace.

Best Brands of Dishwashers for 2022


If you’re searching for a luxury dishwasher, Euro brand Miele is a great option. While they’re not cheap, their domestic appliances have an excellent reputation for performance and reliability.

Fisher & Paykel

If you’re keen on getting a drawer-type dishwasher, Fisher & Paykel specializes in this kind of style. Their DishDrawer line is famous to perform really well, and their dishwashers come in a wide range of modern designs.


Did you know that The Whirlpool Corporation not just manufactures the Whirlpool brand of dishwashers, but also have subsidiaries like Maytag and KitchenAid too? Their products are famous for being well-made, making them a smart choice when investing in a dishwasher.


The Kenmore company has 3 different lines of dishwashers—Kenmore, Kenmore Elite, and Kenmore Pro—that you’ll only get at Sears. Their appliances range from affordable options to higher-end models and are typically considered good dishwashers.


This brand from Europe manufactures a wide variety of dishwashers, including both simple and futuristic models. In addition to their reliability, Their dishwashers are typically very quiet, operating in the 40-decibel range. But of course, Bosch appliances needs repair occasionally. 


Frigidaire makes a wide range of appliances,  including dishwashers. While their products are often on the affordable side, they’re not popular to be the most reliable or well-performing dishwashers. They’re better off with their fridges, so beware.


GE is a famous appliance brand that you’ll be able to find at most home improvement stores. Their dishwashers are a solid choice and easy on the wallet, making them a popular choice for many residents.

How long should you expect a good dishwasher to last? 

Certain brands of dishwashers are known for their performance and reliability—always a plus. Keep an eye out for these manufacturers while you shop. On a daily average, you can expect a dishwasher to last you around 10 years, with potential maintenance in between.  The best way to take care of dishwashers is to use them, so make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal operation. Experts stressed the durability of stainless steel tubs over plastic, which can be a large factor in your dishwasher’s lifespan.